I bet this deli opened right after 9/11

Seriously, I like the owner’s optimism. Tenth Avenue in the 50s.

4 Responses to “I bet this deli opened right after 9/11”

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  3. Tom Says:

    Many delis in the neighborhood–indeed throughout the the city–are owned by immigrants from the middle east, often from Yemen. The changes in the names on the deli fronts are attmpts at differentiating the owners from those who commited the acts of 9/11 It’s a way of saying we are not those people. We love America. This was common during WWII with German immigrant owned establishments who wished to distance themselves from the perception of the nazis.

  4. skaizun Says:

    As a New Yorker living in Kentucky,
    I got an especially good laugh at the first image!

    Now, if only I could talk a good NY deli
    into setting up a franchise, here in KY,
    I’d accept whatever bizarre name it had!

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