The Most Famous Dive Bar in the East Village

That’s 7B, aka Vazacs, aka the Horseshoe Bar, where scenes from The Godfather II, The Verdict, and Crocodile Dundee were filmed. The Villager has a nice profile of an old-timer who has been drinking there since 1946. (I have since learned this guy, Johnny, is now drinking his Budweisers and Canadian Club Whiskey in heaven. RIP.) 

Forget the bar; check out that fab four-story ad on the side of the building! It’s for Peter Jarema Funeral Home up a block or two on 7th Street. Peter Jarema began in 1906, and the copy says they’ve been in business for over 60 years…dating the ad back to the 1960s.

OR 4-2568. Orchard?

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2 Responses to “The Most Famous Dive Bar in the East Village”

  1. Brian Fidelman Says:

    Nice item, but hey, the bar’s ok too.

  2. Cathy Bianchi Says:

    “OR” exchange stood for Oregon

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