Old school, Bronx style

A class of fifth-grade boys at PS 83 in Riverdale. It’s tough to date this photo, but I’m guessing the 1920s. I wonder what become of them.

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6 Responses to “Old school, Bronx style”

  1. stalherz Says:

    Great picture. Kids back in the day – still wild, but respectful. Black and white pictures are like a time machine. I’m writing a story about that right now. You know how it goes when that happens, things just happen upon your path.

    Thanks for posting.


  2. Laila Says:

    If you look close at the students in the back, it seems that there are for the darker ones like 2-3 indian or darkskinned boys. But I wouldnt be surprised, racism was rampid then.

  3. april Says:

    I would guess this photo was taken in the early 1950s or late forties. My elementary school had the exact same closets and desks in the early sixties, and my teachers were just wearing knee-length skirts. I also see what looks like a young Asian boy (second row far left). Yep, prejudice then — as now. How many magazine ads and store circulars do you still see with the African-American person in the rear? I’d say 1% ever show otherwise. (And this is with an AA president and first lady. Some things never ‘change.’)

  4. kim irwin Says:

    this is PS 83..It says it on the blackboard…But PS 83 is not in Riverdale…

  5. Chuck G Says:

    PS 83 is in the Bronx, not the Riverdale Bronx

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