South Bronx gothic beauty

Built in 1899, Morris High School, in the South Bronx (or SoBro as realtors are attempting to call it with a straight face), was the first coed high school citywide. Pretty cool that New Yorkers were so proud of their schools back then that they printed them up on postcards.


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11 Responses to “South Bronx gothic beauty”

  1. mylesfromnowhere Says:

    my god what a gothic nightmare… I could not imagine going to school there….. creating a modern prometheus yes… school not so much

  2. Robin Says:

    you aint kidding, I was in that school in 1985 the paint on the walls was no good all falling apart the smell was bad so bad that my throat was sore.
    and the teachers feerd the studints, and you dint see much studints in class
    thay was all out side smoking and drinking out side the school.
    I dint like the place and I still dont

  3. Eddie Says:

    Robin, you have got to be kidding me. Did you get your education there? Your spelling and punctuation are horrible!!! And you have the nerve to make your lack of writing skills public? It’s obvious you didn’t attend class much. Take some writing classes before exposing yourself as illiterate!!!

    As with many inner city schools there are many problems. A great many of them HUGE problems but kids who want to learn will learn. Tough environment to be sure. Everything you get is hard to come by but I went to school in the South Bronx and folks, Robin does NOT represent.

    I can’t believe someone actually writes like that.

  4. Benjamin Says:

    I was not aware that schools such as this one existed in our society. My eyes were opened when I read a book called Savage Inequalities. This book revealed it all it talked about how when it rained that the water would come down the stairs like a waterfall and that in the principals office there were mushrooms growing on the floor. This book was published in 1992. If you are interested please read this book it reveals a lot more than just the south Bronx; the author is Jonathan Kozol.

  5. A friend Says:

    Hello. I had reason to visit this school in March of 2010. I was amazed at how lovely it was. Even though it is under scaffolding, the building is spectacular. The students were all busy and doing what they were supposed to be doing. The administrators were very involved and caring. I saw no signs of decay or damage. The auditorium/theater is almost totally original and stupendous. I’m not saying the place was perfect, but it has come a long way since 1992, and I applaud the people who have brought so much improvement to Morris High School.

  6. Atalie Says:

    I went to this school. 2006-2009 its not creepy at all but i do wonder how the inside looked before. The auditorium is really nice i wonder if it has always looked that way…

  7. Lizzy Says:

    I attended this High School and graduated from it. I actually learned alot in this school. Just because it is located in the bronx does not mean that its not a good school. Remember that the students and teachers make the school; If the students dont attend school its not the schools fault. Everything looked fine on the inside, It includes two gyms and a beautiful auditorium with balconys on the sides. Instead of judging a book by its cover do some research or even visit the school yourself. Another thing, who was the idiot that wrote the book about Morris High School? Stating that when it rained all the water came in and it was like waterfalls in the steps and etc. Thats all lies, if it was true do you think they’d allow students to attend the school?? Stupid much??!!

  8. MSL Says:

    Terrible photo of this beautiful edifice. This is the side view. The frontal of the high school is the most beautiful and spectacular. The Auditorium as mentioned, is stupendous as well (along with the other buildings in the historic area require merit).

  9. rosey ballzy Says:

    go to school ?

    how about studying subjects that count for real jobs.

    if a person is born marginally stupid ,no amount of sitting in any
    class room is going to make them remember there lessons.

    bronx and its population and schooling is totally special education.

    smart people will learn any where ,under any conditions.
    the rest just make up excusses for there lack of brain power.

    i say put 3/4 of educational classes on line and make them kids study at home and report to school once a week for testings and any other administrative needs.

    if a child cant or wont study go after there parents directly.

    how about tax rebates for smart school children ,since they are less of a buredn on the school system .

    the cost of special education classes is out stripping the returns !
    them zombies never will amout to any thing good at all .
    the best they can be is a human pet.

    i am a hornets nest indeed.

  10. First day of school in New York: then and now | Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] was so bad, thousands of kids were forced to go part-time while some schools, like Morris High School in the Bronx, held two sessions a day to accommodate everyone, according to the New York […]

  11. femalefaust Says:

    When i went there it was a Special Public School, catering to gifted kids as well as those differently abled, grades 1 through 6. I was five in third grade. I remember the tall man who was the authority at lunchtime, and I remember the bully to whom I made the proposition of exchanging my homework skills for her restraint, that is, for peace between us.

    The contract was soon tacitly renegotiated. The exchange became more for her protection — she was the biggest bully at the school — and more and more I was not so much doing her homework for her as going over it with her — tutoring her. Soon she saw that it was simpler for her to learn the work so she could pass the tests herself.

    We were best friends for the rest of the year.

    She may not have always spelled correctly or been skilled at grammar, she may have forgotten often how to punctuate, she may have had shaky printed capitals and an illegible cursive, but she had a really good, kind, and beautiful heart.

    Perhaps those reading this can refrain from their choice not to understand what someone is saying due to orthographical, grammatical, syntactic, or linguistic errors. I call it a choice because I know if you look at the slow motion replay in you heart you will see that you actually did understand what Robin was saying BEFORE you processed these errors, BEFORE you recognized what they signified, and BEFORE you calculated into what possible adverse aspect Robin’s High School education — back in 1985 — may or may not, in your twisted social peer driven need to measure such things, have cast your present day online identity.

    That being the case, you were most likely capable of taking a kinder position; therefore not doing so was a conscious choice. I welcome Robin to my online space. I am interested in what he or she has to say. You will miss a lot if you assume orthography dictates content. Dp not sell your world short — we need all of us right now, there is too much at stake.

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