The Dakota of Bedford-Stuyvesant

Built in 1889, the Alhambra—on Nostrand Avenue between Halsey and Macon—is a Romanesque Revival beauty: five stories, several turrets, a pointed roof, and 30 apartments (eight room each!). It was designed by Brooklyn’s own Montrose Morris, a starchitect in his day (he’s responsible for the equally stunning Renaissance Apartments and the Bedfordshire Apartments, among others).

This 1902 photo is from a Brooklyn Daily Eagle story, which reported that the building was sold to an investor for $300,000.


Here’s the Alhambra today. It’s still lovely, if a bit weathered, and it fits into a neighborhood loaded with so many other architectural gems.

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3 Responses to “The Dakota of Bedford-Stuyvesant”

  1. will Says:

    Around a decade ago this was a decrepit shell … it was one of those eerie majestic falling apart buildings that used to be everywhere in brooklyn. I was kind of amazed when it got restored instead of torn down.

  2. will Says:

    Link – scroll down for some pre-restoration photos

  3. jrbmgarner Says:

    Upon close inspection, it is apparent that the older, top, photo has been reversed, or the restoration was hugely ambitious.

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