Long Island City’s class of 1916

Just a random page from The Owl, the yearbook for Queens’ William Cullen Bryant High School, 1916 edition. June is graduation month, and it’s neat to look back at some high school seniors who were students in an era when earning that diploma was no small achievement.

It’s hard not to like these kids, especially with the girls dressed in stylish middy blouses and the guy wearing a bow tie. I like the way they refer to one another as “chap” and “a pleasant companion.” And the school had its own gun club! Well, Long Island City was relatively rural at the time.

Bryant High School still exists, but no address is listed in the yearbook, so I don’t know if the same building has housed the school all this time. Here’s a photo of that school today.

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3 Responses to “Long Island City’s class of 1916”

  1. c.cherry Says:

    William Cullen Bryant HS is still functioning!!

  2. Where to buy a skeleton in 1916 « Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] for his “osteological preparations” store on East 26th Street appeared in the back of Long Island City’s Bryant High School yearbook in 1916, amid more tepid advertisements for ice cream parlors and produce […]

  3. Rich Rewkowski Says:

    Bryant High School was at 28-01 41st Avenue at the time, just north of Queens Plaza. The building currently exists as Newcomer’s High School, having previously been Long Island City High School.

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