Cooling off Under the Hell Gate Bridge

With this blistering heat wave baking the city, don’t you wish you could spend a lazy day at the Astoria Pool? Here it is in 1936, the year the pool opened. If you look closely, you can see that some of the boys are wearing swim trunks, while others are dressed in the two-piece tank suit that was the fashion in the teens and 1920s. 

Photo: New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

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6 Responses to “Cooling off Under the Hell Gate Bridge”

  1. The Aquazanies: a diving show at Astoria Pool « Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] performed a diving and comedy show (with props, music, and even animals) on Wednesdays nights at Astoria Pool, one of the massive public swimming facilities Robert Moses built in the […]

  2. Susan Gold Says:

    I remember going swimming summer evenings with my parents in the 1960’s. It always looked so big. And at night it was scary as in the middle of the big pool there were pyramid lights.

  3. Cooling off at a city pool in Bed-Stuy, 1974 « Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] like these probably played out every day at dozens of city public pools, some built during the Depression with WPA […]

  4. Kenneth Kasalis Says:

    I came here often in the late 50’s to late 60’s…What a great place…and I do remember those scary pyramid lights.
    What was beautiful is that you had to walk down to the locker rooms from the upper hillside…and all the pathway lights lit up the trees on a hot summer night.
    I am so glad Astoria Pool was part of my childhood…

  5. Kenneth Kasalis Says:

    What a wonderful place this was foe me growing up in the late 50’s to late 60’s…I do remember those scary pyramids!

    I do remember walking down to the locker rooms from the upper hillside, and all the pathway lights glowing through the trees on a hot, humid summer night…It was magic.

  6. inquiring2011 Says:

    Did this pool really once exist? It looks HUGE! Even bigger than the current Astoria pool. The current one doesn’t look like it’s in the same location. What made them close down and fill in the pool?

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