The other waterfalls of New York City

Sure those four newly installed East River waterfalls (actually they’re giant fountains; we’ll let it go) are getting a ton of media attention. But the city has some real falls that deserve a visit this summer.

So pack a picnic basket and enter Central Park at 100th Street. Head north and you’ll come across the waterfall at The Loch. Water doesn’t spew out from 120 feet in the air—it’s more like three feet—but it’s pretty. Plus, you don’t need to hop the Circle Line to get close.

A waterfall with, well, more actual falling water is up in the Bronx close to 180th Street, where the Bronx River runs near the Bronx Zoo entrance. It feels very rustic even though the 2 and 5 trains are not far away.

The Bronx River Alliance offers canoe and paddle trips for a close-up view of the falls, but you can see them on foot too.

I’m not aware of any other falls, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a few were hiding away in Staten Island and Queens. 

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3 Responses to “The other waterfalls of New York City”

  1. Boris Says:

    There is another Bronx River waterfall in the Botanical Garden. I guess it’s just upstream from the one you mentioned.

  2. Flooey Says:

    You’ve missed the best waterfall of all, the one on the east side of Morningside Park at about 114th!

    Morningside Park Sanctuary: Waterfall

    Really gorgeous when it’s running, probably 20 to 30 feet high.

  3. Josef Klus Says:

    Please tell me a source, or how to obtain rights release for the photos of Hooversville and/or Hardlucksville.

    Thank you,

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