A shuttered subway passageway at 14th Street

This pedestrian tunnel, which links the 7th Avenue 1-2-3 station to the 8th Avenue A-C-E-L lines, remains locked behind iron bars. It’s located just to the side of the token booth. Could be that the MTA closed it down when it sealed off about 15 other underground passageways in 1991 after a woman was raped in one at 42nd Street.

According to the The Municipal Art Society of New York, Penn Station has an extensive network of long-closed underground tunnels that connect to the Pennsylvania Hotel, the old Gimbels store between 32nd and 33rd Streets (the current Manhattan Mall), and the Farley Post Office across 8th Avenue. And the city is looking into opening them up again. If you like old subway porn, check out the pictures here.

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2 Responses to “A shuttered subway passageway at 14th Street”

  1. Chinese Currency Says:

    Don’t go overboard with iron bars. Lucky for us, we can figure out which way the city will probably go. You can lose all your money in the city in a very short time.

  2. Ŗivẹt Says:

    What a lonely looking place. Thanks for posting the link to pics.

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