Clubbing with Madonna in 1984

She was already famous by October 1984 when these party pictures ran in a downtown art-music-fashion newspaper called NY Talk. But she still had street cred; this is pre-Sean Penn wedding mania and very pre-Kabbalah Madonna, after all.

The caption (unfortunately cut off) reads “Madonna at a party for Amadeus at the Limelight.”

Area, Limelight, and Pizza a Go-Go…they’re in the dustbin of New York City ’80s clubs history.

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3 Responses to “Clubbing with Madonna in 1984”

  1. Marco Says:

    Unfortunately, we caught Area and Limelight after the shark was jumped. I would have liked to have been a little early to the party. I have an excuse. I don’t live in the city, another unfortunate.

  2. Glenn Froloff Says:

    I love your blog. I just read that Madonna announced she is giving music a rest, saying she doesn’t have the “time or energy” to sing. Interesting! What do you think about that?

  3. Mr Paday Says:

    Glenn, I think this is temporarily and Madonna will be back on the stage very soon.

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