Post-party breakfast spots in the 1980s

RIP Kiev, the cranky Ukrainian diner that underwent a couple of redesigns before shutting its doors a few years ago. 

Bigelow’s had an all-night counter when every drugstore had a counter, but who would have thought it survived until at least 1984, when this list was published in NY Talk, a freebie downtown newspaper? I don’t know when they dismantled it, but it used to be where the perfume shelves now are, along the southern wall.

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4 Responses to “Post-party breakfast spots in the 1980s”

  1. Cathy Bianchi Says:

    The counter in Bigelows was toward the front of the store, along the southern wall. Stand back a bit today, you can easily see the woodwork outlining the spot. It’s the perfume shelves now.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks! I’ll fix the text.

  3. Carole Says:

    Actually, as I remember it, Bigleow’s used to encompass the business that is on the south side, and that’s where the counter was. The wall where the perfume counter is now was open.

  4. 80s child Says:

    There was a post-clubbing place in the Village/E. Village that all my friends and I would flock to, after a night at Palladium, Shelter (when it was underground parties), Area, Limelight etc. It was mainly a breakfast/diner kind of joint and I’m pretty sure it had a one word name and it might have been a women’s first name. Something like that. We went there a lot especially during the summer of 1985. I did quite a bit of research in Google’s New archive, but with the scarce info I have, it’s been impossible to pinpoint. The January 14, 1983 edition of the NYT had a story on the Munson Diner and Tavern called ”NEW-LATE NIGHT SCENE: GLITTER, YOUTH AND FOOD” and that article could have described the place I’m trying to remember, exactly. Unfortunately, I’m almost 100% sure it wasn’t called Munson’s and it wasn’t in a diner car type of setup, it was more of a breakfast nook kind of place. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I’m just now nostalgic (dunno why) for that circa 1985 downtown club scene I was fortunate to have spent part of my youth enjoying. Thanks in advance blogwriters/reader!

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