The wrought-iron angels of Ninth Avenue

On Chelsea’s grimy 24th Street, a block flanked by the usual bodegas and ethnic restaurants, a nondescript brick tenement walkup happens to have the most lovely decorative balconies. Who took the time to create these angels, and why here?

There’s so much beauty all around us in this city. Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find it.

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2 Responses to “The wrought-iron angels of Ninth Avenue”

  1. Uncle Sidney Says:

    Interesting, the fire escape seems to have been exactly half restored.

    1/2 renewed, 1/2 still rusted.

    Perhaps the grant ran out.

    Lovely none the less.

  2. parkster80 Says:

    Actually it’s fully restored. It’s just that the building is owned by two separate individuals and the right half was repainted more recently and they chose a different color from the original.

    This type of fire escape, yes fire escape, is particularly interesting because you would actually escape into the neighboring building and take the regular indoor stairs to exit to safety.

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