“God Bless Deli Grocery”

There are more of these circa-9/11 delis and pizza places than I ever thought. Perhaps the owners truly got caught up in the sentiment of the time, or maybe they just wanted to make sure no one accused them of being Muslim terrorists.

The God Bless Deli is on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint.

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5 Responses to ““God Bless Deli Grocery””

  1. caryn Says:

    it’s my local. they opened on 9/10/2001.

    a nicer family running a bodega you will not find.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    What a day to open a bodega…or any business in New York City for that matter.

  3. right wing zealot Says:

    9/11 caused many middle eastern businesses to rename their shops using American flags and other patriotic paraphernaglia for fear of reprisals, surprisingly, which enver happened to any measurable extent. Its why most gas stations fly American flags these days.

  4. Sean Sweeney Says:

    Wrong, wrong wrong!!
    IT DID NOT OPEN ON 9/10/01!!!
    Why do you make things up?

    This deli is owned by a family of wonderful Yemenites. (At least we agree on that.) They were operating it since at least 1990, when I first went there. It had a different awning then. I cannot recall if it had the name of the place on the awning, whatever the real business name of the place is.

    The main guy, presumably the owner, who was there all the time, was very pleasant.

    I am not sure if it happened after the first WTC bombing in 1993 or if it happened as early as my first visit in 1990, but the guy – for no reason – while customers were shopping or paying at the register would loudly exclaim spontaneously, “God Bless America!”.

    We did not know what to make of it – whether he was mocking the infidels, or meant, it or was just odd, or all three. Either way, no one took it as an insult and we all would smile or laugh because he was so pleasant.

    Then around 1998 he died in an automobile accident. In his honor, presumably, a few years later when it was time for a new awning, the wording “God Bless America” was included. I believe the same family still own it.

    Now that’s the REAL story.

  5. aemon Says:

    when you ask for a “regular coffee”, do they put sugar in it?

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