“Old Fulton Ferry Passes Into History”

Behold, the gorgeous Victorian-style Fulton Ferry Terminal. Here New Yorkers traveling to Brooklyn via the East River ferry picked up a horse-drawn streetcar (and later a steam locomotive) that took them to points all over the borough.

These streetcars have signs for Cypress Hills, East New York, and Greenwood—quite a long haul for a couple of horses.

The Fulton ferries ceased in 1924, marking the first time since 1642 that this part of the river lacked ferry service. According to a New York Times article published on the final day, rowboats were first used, and “In 1730, a sailboat ferry service was inaugurated, which was replaced later by a horse-propelled craft, and finally by steamboats.”

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2 Responses to ““Old Fulton Ferry Passes Into History””

  1. irwin bedell Says:

    Looking for a song about Fulton Ferry.
    “I went to Fulton Ferry, I tried to get across.
    I jumped on a n…… back and sold him for a horse.
    The horse wouldn’t pull I sold him for a bull
    The bull wouldn’t holler I sold him for a dollar.
    Shoo fly don’t bother me….
    I belong to company B..

  2. James J. Sextro Says:

    Looking to date an old watercolor painting of wall street ferry shipyard 1800’s – 1900’s. Original watercolor with signature “R.M.A. ” ’84, it could be 1886. Thanks.

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