Dating in the ’70s meant more than singles bars

I wonder how many people signed up for Compramatics, a Manhattan-based dating service that blended “comprehensive psychological testing, professional counseling, and high-speed computer matching” to help “single, divorced, and widowed men and women” find a mate. 

The ad comes from the March 28, 1970 issue of Cue:

It’s kind of like the 1970s version of eHarmony, with an insanely long list of questions to answer, partially excerpted in the ad.

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3 Responses to “Dating in the ’70s meant more than singles bars”

  1. Lover Says:

    Computerized match making sure has come a long way. Although the questions from online personality match tests isn’t really that different from that comapramatics ad.

  2. SB Says:

    Oh, and here I thought that the 70s dating scene = Plato’s Retreat!
    ; )

  3. Ashley Says:

    you want to say that people back then were crazy but you cant because it’s just like eharmony. There is not a difference between the two except for the fact that now everybody uses computers

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