Walter Matthau and Steinberg’s Dairy

B & H Dairy on Second Avenue and a handful of other dairy restaurants are still hanging on in Manhattan, but there used to be so many more—like Steinberg’s on 82nd and Broadway. This unassuming ad comes from a 1966 New Yorker:

Walter Matthau apparently was a fan of Steinberg’s. In a 1965 New York Times article about how New York–based actors were spending their summer, the author writes:

“Another recluse is Walter Matthau, who will divide his time between his apartment, his club, and Steinberg’s Dairy on Upper Broadway. Mr. Matthau [is] the only man in New York who speaks French to the waiters at Steinberg’s (‘Garcon, some chopped eggplant, s’il vous plait’).”

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2 Responses to “Walter Matthau and Steinberg’s Dairy”

  1. Eva Baer-Schenkein Says:

    I was eating there with friends on the morning when they turned on the radio and we all heard that Lee Harvey Oswald had been shot by Jack Ruby.
    The waiters were out of a movie script but the bread basket and the food were super

  2. Gene Goldfarb Says:

    My great uncle used to take me there for lunch. I always ordered chicken chow mein, which was delicious, but didn’t taste like the ordinary chow mein I got in the neighborhood chinese. When I asked him about it, he laughed and told me this was a vegetarian place and there was not chicken in my meal.

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