Where to buy a skeleton in 1916

If you needed bones or perhaps an entire skeleton, Gustave Noque was your man. This ad for his “osteological preparations” store on East 26th Street appeared in the back of Long Island City’s Bryant High School yearbook in 1916, amid more tepid advertisements for ice cream parlors and produce stands.

It’s a little jarring, especially in a nice little yearbook, but future medical students have to learn anatomy somehow.

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5 Responses to “Where to buy a skeleton in 1916”

  1. Lidian Says:

    It sounds like he supplies bones that are not necessarily attached to skeletons, as well as skeletons…what a great ad (and a great name too).

  2. Warren Howie Hughes Says:

    Looks as if good old Gustave, learned in the early nineteen hundreds, a ghouly profitable way of “making his bones!”

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