Queen Anne beauty in the South Bronx

Venture to the Mott Haven section of the borough (it’s just one 6 train stop out of Manhattan), and an architectural treasure awaits: a row of 10 narrow townhouses featuring eclectic gables, cornices, warm brick, and tall chimneys.

Built in the 1890s by developer Edward Bertine, the row—spanning 136th Street from Willis Avenue to Brown Place—is known as the Bertine Block and, since 1994, was officially dubbed the Bertine Block Historic District. 

This one, number 422, has what may be original stained glass:

Mott Haven has more to offer, such as its own historic district and some gorgeous townhouse blocks along Alexander Avenue. Check them out here.

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4 Responses to “Queen Anne beauty in the South Bronx”

  1. Carol Zakaluk Says:

    Yes, indeed — the stained glass in 422 is original. My family’s been living in the building for 89 years!

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    That’s amazing, thanks for writing in. You must have seen a ton of changes in the neighborhood over the years.

  3. Carol Zakaluk Says:

    I’ve been around before the building of The Mitchel Houses. My brother remembers the elevated train, the 3rd Avenue El, running right past St. Jerome’s Church. I remember when Metro North had a stop at 138th Street, and when there was a small pier at the easternmost end of 132nd Street in Port Morris.

    Unfortunately, we witnessed the heroin years and the crack years too. So glad to see the current slow and steady rise of Mott Haven. The more recent influx of Mexican immigrants has really revived 138th Street in a wonderful way. I am so grateful to have them as neighbors!

  4. avcamacho Says:

    Thanks for being so positive about our neighborhood.community.
    We are glad you have stayed.

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