Apartments for rent on Riverside Drive

Or “The Drive” as this turn-of-the-last-century newspaper ad calls it. Riverside Drive was designed in the 1870s by Frederick Law Olmstead to run alongside Riverside Park, another Olmstead project.

After the street and park opened, developers built beautiful townhouses and apartment houses, making Riverside Drive one of Manhattan’s most scenic streets . . . which it still is today.

And look at those rents: an 8-room apartment for $1600 a year. Seems small now, but a hundred years ago, that kind of money ensured that Riverside Drive would be within reach of only the wealthiest New Yorkers.

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2 Responses to “Apartments for rent on Riverside Drive”

  1. Roberto Gandara Says:

    I am looking for an apartment to rent and I love this area. Please let me Know if you have anything available. Thanks

  2. Richard Koss Says:

    Do you know what year this ad was originally place?

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