More 1960s vintage store signs

There’s something about the colors and the typefaces that make them irresistible. These three are all from Brooklyn. Joseph’s is on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. Lots of furniture and . . . bicycles?

Michael Aiello Dairy looks like it’s now a garage. But the sign remains the same, in Carroll Gardens:

Stereo and hi-fi are one thing, but tape recorders, radios, and “phonos” are another. J & R is in Park Slope on Seventh Avenue:





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One Response to “More 1960s vintage store signs”

  1. PizzaBagel Says:

    From the photo of the former Michael Aiello Dairy, it appears that each of its three phone numbers is for just one type of the three cheeses it offered — mozzarella, ricotta, and pizza cheese. If so, then that was mighty specific. (“You’d like to purchase some ricotta? I’m sorry — this is the mozzarella line. Let me transfer you…”)

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