A Park Slope church’s memorial porch lamps

All Saints Episcopal Church, on Seventh Street and Seventh Avenue, looks like a typical city church—a beautiful gothic structure with lovely matching porch lamps welcoming visitors on either side of the front steps. 

But the lamps have deeper significance. They honor Sgt. Stewart W. Oberle, killed by hostile fire in Vietnam on June 30, 1969. He was just 22. His family dedicated the lamps later that year in his memory. 

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2 Responses to “A Park Slope church’s memorial porch lamps”

  1. Robert Artz Says:

    I was a young boy, lived two doors away from Stuart and his family, Mom, Dad, sister Madeline and brother Jerry. This was an event I never forgot, I was only 11 years old and it had a profound impact on my life. The family was of the highest caliber and I always looked up to the way they lived their lifes. I had found myself over the years silently thinking of the day i heard the news that Stuart died in Vietnam, and had a hard time grasping the reality of it and what it meant. I think Vietnam must have stolen childhood from many Americans and probably others, even those North Vietnamese who never went home. I was always in awe of Stuarts family for how they moved on in life living with this tragic event, the highest class of people you could ever meet. I am so glad I have a place to visit to reflect on my childhood on my next trip to NY.

  2. Terry McGlothin Says:

    The end of June has always been a time of rememberance for me. I served along side Stew in Vietnam and was the first to get to him during the attack that took his life. I pulled him from the track, held him in my arms and carried him to a place of safety to render first aid and what comfort I could give, during the long wait for a medivac chopper to arrive. Stew was like a big brother to me always looking after me and the other guys. These lamps are a fitting memorial to a young man that served his fellow soldiers to the end. May these lamps always shine in this homor, like he shined in life for all of us! You are not forgotten……

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