The heyday of The Plaza

With the newly condo-ized Plaza enduring some bad press these days (a lawsuit by a disgruntled Russian hedge fund king, for example), let’s take a look back at when The Plaza was New York’s premier luxury hotel, a symbol of old-world glamour and sophistication . . . and carriage-ride central, of course.

This mid-century postcard boasts of the “many air-conditioned guest rooms” and “five famous restaurants.” What, no Trader Vic’s?

Curbed has lots of Plaza coverage: legal issues, tacky drainage problems, floorplan porn, and eight-figure penthouse prices. 

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One Response to “The heyday of The Plaza”

  1. Ricky Says:

    You didn’t point out one of your favorite things: the telephone exchange. And it’s the same as the name of the hotel!

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