Cool and creepy Victorian-era attics

There aren’t many freestanding Victorian houses in Manhattan, which makes this one, on Amsterdam Avenue and 152nd Street, all the more remarkable. The front doors, the top floor, the roof—it’s all very Addams family-esque.

The house is currently used as office space for the American Cancer Society, but it must have a fascinating history.

This structure on Lower Fifth in the Flatiron District isn’t quite so Gothic. But that 2-story attic is very Munsters-like.

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2 Responses to “Cool and creepy Victorian-era attics”

  1. ashley fraser Says:

    Chaz was a friend of the family and when I was a little girl (early 1970s) he showed me this in book, he use to see it when he was a yonung man and its what he based the cartoon house on

    its the wheelock mansion on 661 w158st by riverside drive

    Wheelock Mansion 661 W158 St,

  2. Bonnie Says:

    The first one is the former 32nd precinct designed by Nathaniel Bush , constructed in 1871-1872 for the area once known as Carmansville. It is landmarked. How I wish I could see the inside! But anyway the LPC report on this building is pretty good.
    thanks for bringing it back to us.

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