Halloween in Greenwich Village

Before the annual Village Halloween Parade got its start in 1973, there was the Greenwich Village Halloween Carnival, as reads the poster this 1920s-era bohemian chick is putting up on a street sign pole.

It’s tough to make out the fine print and find out where it was held, for example. But it looks like someone named Paul Whiteman was the sponsor.

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6 Responses to “Halloween in Greenwich Village”

  1. Paula Says:

    Paul Whiteman might have been the entertainment–he was a famous dance band leader of that era. Great photo!

  2. Jeff Brown Says:

    Paul Whiteman was an orchestra leader way back when. His band was probably the entertainment at this event…

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    Cool, thanks!

  4. Jill Says:

    I wish we could read the street sign, but it is blurry.

  5. Jeff Brown Says:

    The passerby in the picture looks stunned that the young lady is trying to drive a nail into an iron pole with a claw hammer!

  6. jim5richmondgmailcom Says:

    You might be interested in this video I recently posted…
    Rail Recollections Part 5: Commuting to New York in the 1920s (12:49)

    This is the fifth video created around cassette audio tapes my grandfather, Bernard Louis DuPlessis, Sr. (1904-1992), sent to me from 1985 to about 1990. This one is built around comments he made about his trips to New York City, especially in the 1920s when he was commuting from Newark, N.J., to New York University in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan.

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