Park Slope’s Milton Apartments

Sandwiched between so many other restored brownstones and townhouses on Sixth Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets are the lovely Milton Apartments. Built in 1890, these two four-story buildings (numbers 489 and 491) have pretty Queen Anne–style details.


I don’t know who Milton was, but a Brooklyn Daily Eagle article from October 1890 records this real estate transfer:

“On Sixth Avenue, near Eleventh Street, two four story brick dwellings, 20 x 60, for six families and store in each. George O. Van Orden, owner; cost $32,000.”

Wonder what those two buildings that collectively make up the Milton Apartments costs today!


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3 Responses to “Park Slope’s Milton Apartments”

  1. John Bernstein Says:

    I lived in this building from early 1979 until 1990. It was my understanding that the apartments were built as models in modern living for factory workers. There was direct transportation to the factory located near the Gowanus canal and 11th Street. One of my old neighbors had found an early brochure. The apartments had more light and windows than the older style railroad style tenements, and the newest bathroom and kitchen appliances. Though the rooms were small, most were 2-bedroom configurations suitable for a family. Hallway doors had large glass panes that let light into the entry halls.

    The set of buildings included a third building, 412 Eleventh Street, which originally had a Sixth Avenue street address. In the late seventies most of the apartments along Sixth Avenue were closed and had cinder-blocked windows.

    • sung yoon kim Says:

      Mr. Bernstein,

      I’m doing a research on these buildings. Would it be possible to get a copy of the brochure you mentioned in your response to “Park Slope’s Milton Apartments?” If not, would it be possible to talk to your old neighbor?

      Did you live in the building as a tenant or as the owner? If you lived as a tenant, who was your landlord at the time? Was that landlord a descendent of a family who lived there initially when the building was constructed? I would be grateful if you can find time to answer the questions in this reply. Thank you so much.

      Best regards,

  2. onemorefoldedsunset Says:

    The 2 or 3 bedroom condo apartments are currently listed at just under a million to $1,350, 000.

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