The Doughboys of New York City

Many of New York’s small neighborhood parks have one: a bronze statue of a lone infantryman or sometimes several soldiers together, with a plaque memorializing all the local young men killed in World War I. These statues of doughboys are heroic and somber, and they’re worth a look as Veteran’s Day comes to a close.

Here’s the Red Hook doughboy, in his glory. The names of dozens of neighborhood men who died in the war are inscribed on a tablet below.


The Bushwick doughboy is dashing and heroic, posed under the M train tracks:


Chelsea’s doughboy has an unusual hat and cape:


Surviving war is a team effort, as the Washington Heights/Inwood monument makes clear:


There’s another doughboy statue in DeWitt Clinton Park in the West 50s. The haunting final lines of the great war poem In Flanders Fields are inscribed at its base.

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2 Responses to “The Doughboys of New York City”

  1. Immigration Attorney Says:

    I love the doughboys! Thanks for the pictures, I’ll have to visit New York sometime soon.

  2. Michael Says:

    I love the posting too, if you are interested in seeing more about the Doughboys located in and around NYC check out the following site –

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