A hand-painted sign in the West Village

This old-school sign is attached to the basement level of a Charles Street brownstone. With WA-9-3781 for a phone number, it might as well still be the 1960s.

WA-9 stood for Watkins, according to an Ephemeral New York reader. Now, what was Watkins?


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5 Responses to “A hand-painted sign in the West Village”

  1. paintedsign Says:

    Greenwich Village

  2. Steve Says:

    No – at least in NY, WA stood for WAverly.

  3. sean Says:

    I somewhat agree with Steve above. I never heard of WAtkins.

    WAverly seems reasonable, since Waverly Street is nearby, but I seem to recall a WAnnamaker exchange. Wannamaker’s Dept Store was not far away, on Bdwy.

    Can anyone else recall/

  4. Jeff Brown Says:

    I recall a WAbash exchange as a kid…

  5. Bruce R. Gilson Says:

    WAtkins is right – there NEVER was a WAnamaker or WAverly exchange in NYC. (Philadelphia did nave a WAverly, but not NYC!)

    Chicago may have had a WAbash — I’m not certain. But I certainly know that NYC didn’t.

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