A faded ad reappears in the East Village

When old buildings are rehabbed, long-lost ads come back into view. This one is on Third Avenue in the East Village. Hudson’s was an army-navy emporium located at Third and 13th Street, a place to buy work clothes, camping supplies, and assorted surplus items. 


Opened in 1922, Hudson’s bit the dust in the early 1990s.

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11 Responses to “A faded ad reappears in the East Village”

  1. H Golden Says:

    Thanks for the Hudson’s sign. I used to shop there when I went to High School in the early 70’s. In those days, entering Hudson’s was a bit of a gantlet; you had to decline at least one offer for a “date” from the professional women who loitered out in front.

    Once inside, garments were often piled high in a jumble on the counters. You pulled at the pile until you came up with the item in your size.

    The Variety theater diagonally across the street still had its anachronistic marquis, “Variety Photo Plays”, and showed porn. Directly across from Hudson’s was a gay porn theater. Around the corner, on 13th Street, was the Regina Hotel, out of which many of the “ladies” worked. It was in front of that building that scenes from Scorcese’s “Taxi Driver” were filmed.

    Thanks again. Let me be clear, whatever is going on now, I don’t much miss the 70’s East Village, at least not at 13th and 3rd.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks for the info on Third Avenue in the 1970s. I doubt the NYU students living there now have any idea of how sketchy it used to be.

  3. Val Says:

    it is so funny! I just walked by there yesterday and took some pics of the same corner bldg and was about to send them to you since you’re showing the old bldg ads now 🙂

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    Well, if you come across any other recently reappeared building ads, definitely send them on–thanks!

  5. MaryAnn Says:

    What a flash from the past for me…… I worked at Hudson’s as a teenager and I have fond memories of the place. When I worked there – Gramps Mishkin used to work the register – he was the owner before his grandson’s took over. He was a character – he in in his mid 80’s and chain smoked. You couldn’t get anything over on gramps. I worked there around 1975 – 1979 he used to call me the girl.

  6. wildnewyork Says:

    Aw, that’s sweet. Seems like people have memories of Hudson’s well into the 1970s. Thanks for sharing yours.

  7. lydia Says:

    I used to live at 226 E. 13th street in the 70s and remember that sign. And yes, there were girls on that corner, looking for “dates.” It was a slice of life! Five or so years ago, apartments in my building were selling for 995K, with advertised luxury appointments like “Claw-footed tubs.” I only hope they moved them from the kitchens to the bathrooms where they belonged!

  8. Blue Mirror Says:

    I am skeptical Hudson’s survived into the 1990s — I’m 99% certain it was gone before 1984 when I returned to NYC. It was a massive place, and possibly in its declining years it ran a smaller operation.

    Hudson’s was a hippy Mecca in the 60’s (by which I mean 1964 or so until the mid-70s). Clothing was piled in great stacks in a kind of happy chaos — you didn’t get served by an individual salesmen, you explored and climbed for what you wanted.

    A friend I admired was 18 (to my 16) and seemed very worldly and sophisticated. He wore a Sweet-Orr corduroy jacket — no vents, nicely lined, nearly windproof — and I went to Hudson’s specifically to get my own.

    Hudson’s apparently (because I know this only by another East Village sign) was an outlet for Endicott-Johnson shoes which at one time was one of the largest makers of work-boots and other sturdy footwear (including for the USA military).

  9. Joel Feinberg Says:

    It was the best. So sorry it is gone. You touch, feel try before you buy.
    The best place to buy just about any surplus, plus Levi button fly jeans. Now everything is online no touch, no feel, not able to see how it fits. Let’s bring back ma and pa stores. If there is an investor out there, I am willing to run it. Real estate and rents are cheap in Sullivan County NY and as they say, if you build it, they will come. I used to travel 100 miles or more to go to Hudson’s. I tried finding a place to by Levi Jean Jackets, and button fly jeans, they were all online. Yes, box stores carry regular Levi’s but seem to be thinner material. Let’s do it Joelremember@gmail.com

  10. Joel Feinberg Says:

    Joel Feinberg says to use this email address Joelremember1960@gmail.com

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