The Park Slope traffic “Death-O-Meter”

Meet the Death-O-Meter, a tough-to-ignore 20-foot sign installed near Grand Army Plaza in 1927. The finger-wagging sign kept track of the number of traffic accidents and fatalities in the borough and reminded motorists to put on the brakes at this dangerous traffic circle. 


Perhaps the Death-O-Meter should be brought back to certain city intersections and traffic circles? It must be in a storage unit gathering dust somewhere. 

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3 Responses to “The Park Slope traffic “Death-O-Meter””

  1. tim h Says:

    This would’ve been up at the same time the “Hands of Death” or the “Clock of Death” was running in one of the big papers. The “Hands of Death” kept track of three different death tools; bootleg alcohol, guns, and something else.

  2. Michael Says:

    I live a block from Grand Army Plaza and have young children. I wish the “Death-O-Meter” was there now.

  3. PizzaBagel Says:

    Shouldn’t that have been “Slow Down?” I guess it’s like “up the block” and “down the block.” Presumably the Death-O-Meter has long been relegated to the figurative dustbin. Sob!

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