Last-minute Christmas deals and steals!

Terrific bargains on quality merchandise could be had on 14th Street—74 years ago, that is. Here’s a sampler of some of the department stores whose ads screamed across the pages of the December 19, 1934 Daily News, back when the 14th Street-Union Square area was a department store mecca.

Hearns was once one of New York’s largest department stores, located on the south side of 14th Street between Sixth and Fifth Avenues since 1879. It shut down in the 1950s:

hearnsxmas Toytown! I wonder how many kids got this electric train under the tree in 1934?







I couldn’t find anything about Finlay Straus jewelers; just another chain store that eventually and quietly closed up shop. They had several locations—including one across the street from Hearns:









Not to be outdone by Hearns, Nortons, another department store on the same stretch of 14th Street, pushed their “genuine fur trimmed” coats. These are Depression prices:



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3 Responses to “Last-minute Christmas deals and steals!”

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  3. Rich Says:

    My father recently passed and amongst his things, we found a newspaper clipping from Hearns, Dec 18,1934; he requested from Mr Nichols, the train set.

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