The Rainbow Room is now shuttered…

But old magazine ads showcasing this glitzy and glamorous Manhattan nightspot live on. This one is from the Rainbow Room’s heyday in the big-band, rhumba-loving 1940s.










Opened in 1934 (almost a year after Prohibition was repealed) on the 65th floor of Rockefeller Center, the art deco Rainbow Room (designed in part by Vincente Minnelli) and adjacent Rainbow Grill appear to be two of the recession’s better-known casualties. Its owners apparently owe millions in back rent, and they’re getting evicted.

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3 Responses to “The Rainbow Room is now shuttered…”

  1. Tony Says:

    i went there, i believe, in the mid nineties, before it closed the first time. quite the dining experience. just hanging out at the bar was worth it for the view. now you go to the Top of The Rock for the same view.

  2. CelestialCharms Says:

    So sad another institution will disappear, although this has been rumoured for a few years now. In 1987, I was offered a position in their reservations department which was located in the smallest office on the ground floor of the building. The reservation room was more like a closet compared to the vast Rainbow Room itself. I turned down the offer for a more adventurous airline positon. I’m sure their are many loyal attendees that will be heartbroken.

  3. Mike Says:

    I don’t think it was commonly known, but the Rainbow Room served lunch five days a week under the name “The Rockefeller Center Club.” The one time I went was actually after this entry was posted – I was in town the week of Obama’s inauguration (January 19th-22nd 2009).

    It was a buffet set up on the revolving dance floor. It was elaborate and wonderful, but also very expensive. And I’ve since learned that an unpleasant habit of all Cipriani restaurants is to force a bottle of water on you then charge $12 for it.

    The Rainbow Room’s final meal under the Ciprianis was a Father’s Day brunch in 2009.

    The men’s room was up a flight of narrow stairs; standing at the urinals one had an incredible view looking north across Central Park.

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