1933 yearbook ads: Who is still in business?

Looks like Barnes & Noble is the only one—and at the same location on lower Fifth Avenue. That’s still their textbook branch; it opened in 1932, a year before this yearbook page from Xavier High School, a Jesuit academy in Chelsea, was published.


The New York Band Instrument Co. and Lou J. Harris Tuxedos are long gone; an NYU dorm occupies their former storefronts on East 14th Street. And Rowan’s Ice Cream—established in 1867!—is also history.

I wonder about Drake Bakeries on Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn. Could it be the same Drake’s that begat Devil Dogs, Yodels, and other lunchbox treats later in the 20th century?

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2 Responses to “1933 yearbook ads: Who is still in business?”

  1. Big Al Says:

    I think it’s the same Drake’s.

    From this document:

    Click to access WallaboutCulturalResourceSurvey.pdf

    “Drake Bakeries, moved from Clinton Avenue to New Jersey in 1977”

    This was right about the time that Drake’s was bought out by Borden’s.

    The document itself is a pretty fascinating look at the history of and remaining historical structures in the Brooklyn Navy Yard – Wallabout Market area, complete with pictures.

    Drake’s products are still made in NJ (Wayne, to be exact), but the brand is now owned and run by the same folks as Hostess. In fact, they’ve begun putting them in packages that read “Drake’s by Hostess.”

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Thanks, very cool info!

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