Luigi Kasimir’s New York City etchings

Luigi Kasimir was an Austrian-born painter and printmaker, born in 1881, who was one of the first artists to use a technique called colored etching. In the mid-20th century he came to the U.S. to etch famous sites, including the bridges, skyscrapers, and parks of New York.

This Brooklyn Bridge etching reveals a dark, smoky waterfront of ships and industry, vastly different than the East River of today:









Kasimir’s take on Central Park and the skyscrapers looming outside it looks like it could have been etched just yesterday:


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22 Responses to “Luigi Kasimir’s New York City etchings”

  1. Mark Daniel Says:

    I really enjoy your beautiful works. I don’t know exactly what “color etching” is, but it comes out great. I do high definition etching on glass and mirrror, but your color etching is quite unique.

  2. Jill Says:

    These are beautiful. Do you know where one could see the originals?

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    Aside from some museums in Europe, I don’t know where the original etchings can be seen. I tried to find out if any galleries or museums in New York have them, but nothing came up.

    • antiquarian Says:

      I want to comment that the presentation of the family Kasimir, unfortunately, is not complete. Missing a key player of artistic development of members of the family Kasimir – father Alois and his works of art – early etching-lithography.

    • Peter Rose Says:

      If you are truly interested I have several of the color etchings by Luigi Kasimir including Brooklyn Bridge (1927) and Fulton Fish Market.

    • suzanne giltner Says:

      I am going to be listing 2 original, pencil signed, dated and numbered Luigi Kasimir prints on ebay soon. One print is of New York, Governors Island and the other is The MInaret, 5th Ave.

  4. Shae Avery Says:

    We have quite a few of them that are part of a large artist-signed collection of Kasimir etchings.

  5. wildnewyork Says:

    The previous poster is writing from the Avery Gallery:

  6. Y Davis Says:

    They is a large collection of Luigi Kasimirs work at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, for both viewing and sale. I actually have a signed original, “The Freiberg” that I intend to sell some time in the near future.

  7. Peter Rose Says:

    I have available for sale several colored etchings by Luigi Kasimir including Brooklyn Bridge (1927) and Fulton Fish Market.

    • Pa Weilenmann Says:

      Did you sell the Brooklyn Bridge by L Kashmir?

      • Nancy Grams Says:

        I also have about a dozen Luigi Kasimir etching. I would love to sell them. They are not of New York. I could send a list if interested.

        Thank you

        Sent from my iPad


  8. Jennifer Reed Says:

    I have a number of NEW YORK SCENES (only) original signed Kasimir colored etchings available for sale. I have a document I can send that lists all the ones that I own. If you’re interested, e-mail me.

    • Shae Says:

      I would like to see what you have. Please send photos with detailed signature images. And your asking prices. Thank you! chezart

  9. Anne Sipes Says:

    I have some original signed Luigi Kasimir etchings, if anyone is interested. I am selling them. Please contact me at

  10. Beth Humiston Says:

    I have for sale two of Luigi Kasimir’s signed etchings. One is of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Framed 21 X 26 inches.. Actual image size is 13 1/2 X 17 1/2 inches.. Also for sale, a Luigi Kasimir small signed etching of an European landscape, image size 2 1/2 X 4 3/8, framed at 10 X 12 inches Both etchings are in excellent condition…. and lovely.

  11. Anthony Pasquale Says:

    I have for sale an original pencil sign Luigi Kasimir 1927 “Brooklyn Bridge”in excellent condition. Museum framed in 1930’s 0r 40’s with Kennedy Gallery label taped on back by framer verifying Original signed Kasimir. Frame 27″ X 22 1/2″ image 16 1/2″ 11”.

  12. Nancy Grams Says:

    I have a small collection of Luigi Kasimir etchings I am interested in
    selling. Below is a list of the etchings, sizes and signature type.
    All etchings are framed and in very good condition. I’m hoping someone might be able to direct me as how I go about selling them.

    Luigi Kasimir Collection
    Item Size Type Signature
    Vienna, Hietzing 9.3 x 9 Estate
    Vienna, Opera House 7.5 x 15 Original
    Vienna, Himmelstrasse 9.3 x 9 Estate
    Danube – Schoenbuechel 9.3 x 9 Original
    Danube – Persebeug Castle 9.3 x 9 Original
    Melk Monastery 14.3 x 15 Original
    Oestreich, Rhineland 11.5 x 10 Original
    St Michaels on Danube 9.3 x 8 Original
    Chartres 17 x 12.5 Original
    Vienna, Grinzing 17.5 x 22 Original
    Please feel free to contact me.

    Nancy Grams

  13. Tom Griffith Says:

    Do you still have your original signed Vienna Opera House? If so, what are you asking?

  14. Sarah Waters Says:

    hi i have an original signed Luigi Kasimir Etching, 1925 of the Golden Gate Bridge from Telegraph Hill. Wondering if anyone can help me determine its value? I would like to sell it on Ebay possibly.

    thank you!


    • Tony Pasquale Says:


      In June of 2013 I sold my original signed Luigi Kasimir etching of the Brooklyn Bridge at auction in the Baltimore area for $425 and unfortunately after my June sale I saw that previously in March, 2013 a similar Brooklyn Bridge etching had sold in New York for $2000, don’t remember name of auctioneer.

      Hope this information helps you.

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