When elephants lived in Central Park

Meet Hattie and Jewel, a pachyderm pair who made their home in what was known as the elephant enclosure at the Central Park Zoo. 

This 1906 postcard reveals what a huge draw they were—thousands of people visted every week to watch them. But it also shows them with chains attached to their legs, a very sad sight.


Jewel was the moody one, arriving at the zoo in 1878 from the Barnum & Bailey Circus. She tried to kill a keeper, hurling him out of her enclosure with her trunk, according to a The New York Times article.

Hattie was young and plucky. In a story about her death in 1922 (keepers weren’t sure of her age) the Times wrote: 

“She became angry on another occasion at a man who tossed a lighted cigarette against her trunk. The man got away. Years afterward he came back. Hattie squinted at him through her little eyes, filled her trunk with muddy ooze and squirted it all over him.”

Jewel outlived Hattie and died in 1928 at 97. Another Times article reported that after a zoo veterinarian found her paralyzed in her enclosure, he shot her three times in the head, ending her life.

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10 Responses to “When elephants lived in Central Park”

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  3. Angela Miele Says:

    Are there any elephants in the zoo at this time?

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    Not in Central Park

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  7. Lucio Costanzo Says:

    An Elephant in Central Park Zoo was known for it’s pranks. Eating peoples pocketbooks among other things. It died in the 1980’s when it was brought to another location. What was the name of this Elephant?

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