The pink schoolhouse off Flatbush Avenue

Downtown Brooklyn can be an awfully drab place. But then at the juncture of Flatbush Avenue, Third Avenue, and Schermerhorn Street stands this lovely pink school building.


Now it houses something called Metropolitan Corporate Academy. But it used to be a regular grade school; you can still make out the words “public school” inscribed above the front door.

Kids sure had some cute buildings to doze off in back in the day.

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4 Responses to “The pink schoolhouse off Flatbush Avenue”

  1. Sean Says:

    I picked up my “working papers” when I was 16 there, needed if you wanted to work at an early age. Do kids still need working papers? So,it must have been some kind of City building back then in 1962

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Working papers–that’s a term I haven’t heard in years. Did potential employers ever really check them? I don’t remember so.

  3. Kaz Says:

    The Metropolitan Corporate Academy is actually a public high school (H.S. 530). In the early nineties, Goldman Sachs and the City founded the school and Goldman Sachs provided a mentoring/internship program.

    Working papers are still required, as far as I know. And I can tell you that when I went to work for an advertising agency in 1984, they definitely checked my papers. I’d say, even to this day, it really depends on the employer – some are a bit more slipshod with the way they handle that stuff.

  4. Joe Z Says:

    That was originally P.S. 15, located on the corner of Schermerhorn Street and 3 Avenue, in downtown Brooklyn. The building is 128 years old.

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