“Night” at the Brooklyn Museum

The statue below, called Night, used to guard one of the entrances to the original Penn Station, a glorious figure greeting millions of commuters every year. Retired now, she sits in the outdoor sculpture garden at the Brooklyn Museum. 


 Night used to be paired with a similar figure, Day. Four sets of Night and Day were created by sculptor Adolph Weinman in 1910 for Penn Station; each pink-granite pair framed the sides of a clock.

So how did she end up in Brooklyn? When Penn Station was torn down in 1963, much of the art and architectural details that made the station such a jewel went straight to landfill. Night was soon retrieved from a dump in the Meadowlands. The whereabouts of her partner, Day, are unclear.

Another set of Night and Day, along with some original Penn Station eagles, somehow made their way to a park in Kansas City, Missouri. The photo below, with Night on the right, provides a better idea of what the originals looked like.


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5 Responses to ““Night” at the Brooklyn Museum”

  1. John Says:

    There is also a Penn Station Eagle behind the Starbucks at Cooper Union.

  2. Quid plura? | "...und lass uns ruhig schlafen..." Says:

    […] Ephemeral New York finds pieces of the old Penn Station at the Brooklyn Museum. […]

  3. me Says:

    its so strange that what so many people appreciate today would have been taken to a landfill 40 some odd years ago…

    • Alan Says:

      “Strange?” The greatest “civic vandalism ever” against the city of New York…someone finds it “strange?” To forget the past is to repeat it. Criminal through & through.

  4. Cooper Union Alum Says:

    The Eagle at Cooper Union has been moved to a small garden on their new (ugly) academic building. It its no longer easily visible to the public.

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