The Whales of the Port Authority Bus Terminal

Sea life at the Port Authority? It’s easy to miss this 400-foot marine-themed mural, since it’s located in the dark and grimy 41st Street underpass through which Greyhound and New Jersey Transit buses regularly lumber through.

But one-name artist Wyland painted one of his 400-foot Whaling Walls here in 1993, coloring an exterior wall of the Port Authority in blues and greens and black.


Wyland’s Whaling Walls, featuring humpbacks, blue whales, and other marine creatures, exist all over the world. There must be an interesting back story as to how this one ended up pretty much hidden away in an urban underpass, out of view of commuters and passerbys.

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3 Responses to “The Whales of the Port Authority Bus Terminal”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    I have seen and taken pictures of these whales at Port Authority. Thanks for the name of the artist. I have seen and photographed similar murals in Wildwood and Cape May, NJ. I will have to research it and see if Wyland did them also.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I know Wyland painted a whale mural in Wildwood, but I’m not sure about Cape May.

  3. JC Frank Says:

    Back in 93 Wyland did 50 ‘Wyland Walls’, one in each state. NJ’s was in Wildwood. I think he really wanted the NY one to be in the city. Remember, that part of 41st was much more heavily traveled back then.

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