An old clock hanging in there on Duane Street

Affixed to a cast-iron building at 145 Duane Street is this faded beauty. The building used to house the Nathaniel Fisher Company, wholesale shoe dealers described in an 1894 New York Times article as one of “the oldest shoe firms in America.”


A fire that year gutted the building and caused $40,000 worth of damage. The clock looks like it was damaged then too.

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5 Responses to “An old clock hanging in there on Duane Street”

  1. Rob F. Says:

    Intersting, I have an old wooden shipping crate with “Nath’L Fisher & Company” on it – found it in the attic of our house in Hackettstown NJ – always wondered what was shipped in it.

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  4. dale Says:

    not slum streets 😦

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