The coolest corner in Tribeca

I don’t know  when this terra cotta street sign—with its banners, leaves, even a face—was made a permanent part of this old brick building. But viewing it transports you back to what was then called the Lower West Side, to the days when the neighborhood was mostly a warehouse district.

More street addresses carved into old buildings can be found here.


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6 Responses to “The coolest corner in Tribeca”

  1. mykola (mick) dementiuk Says:

    A building like that (and your other one’s) I’d be proud to live in…

  2. Alex in NYC Says:

    Cheers. I’ve always loved this corner and taken several pics of it myself.

  3. PizzaBagel Says:

    Yeah, this one’s a real “keeper.” You will never see such craftsmanship in architecture again, unfortunately.

    I, too, have taken pics of it — for my SNOBs (Street Names On Buildings) collection. It’s not discernable from this shot, but the interesting thing about this one is that it’s at eye level. Most such signs are at least one floor up. I guess they would have been visible to passengers riding elevated trains or double-decker buses.

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