The final resting place of the Kip family

That’s Kip as in the Kips Bay Kips, the New Amsterdam family that acquired a land grant along the East River in the mid-17th century and called it Kips Bay Farm. Now the area is Kips Bay the neighborhood.

The Kip house, a landmark at a time when few homes existed north of lower Manhattan, stood at what is now the Eastern end of 34th Street from 1655 to 1851.


Dozens of Kip family members were interred in this vault from 1842 to 1895. It’s in The New York City Marble Cemetery, on Second Street between First and Second Avenues, along with the vaults of other old New York families.

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11 Responses to “The final resting place of the Kip family”

  1. Tom Brady Says:

    i know a guy named john kip and he is related to this kip family. i want to send him this link.
    as always, the stuff is great.

  2. Richard McDermott Says:

    Do You have any information about James H. Kip. He appeaed in the 1799 New York City tax assment records as part owner of 279 Water Street, than a grocery/tavern. Today it is the home of the Bridge Cafe, the oldest drinking establishment in New York city.

  3. Eric K. Washington Says:

    Hi, Don’t know if you’re still searching for James H. Kip but, if so, I’ve located him. He’s buried in the Easterly Division of Trinity Church Cemetery in Washington Heights. I’ll be giving a tour of the cemetery’s Westerly Division both days of Open House New York 2009 weekend. I can give you directions for locating James H. Kip on your own.

    Eric K. Washington

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    […] of course, and now there are two 19th century marble cemeteries in the East Village. The other, the New York City Marble Cemetery, is around the corner on Second […]

  5. Debbie McGuire Says:

    Researching family. I’m related to the Kip family. Hendrick, the original Kip who came to America is my 12th great grandfather. Thank you so much for pic and info. Would love to hear more on Kips in NY

    • Benta Kipp Says:

      My family roots too – sounds like we are related!

      Our family settled Kip’s Bay as Van de Kype, then changed to Kip and later Kipp.
      -Benta Kipp

  6. Monica Smith Says:

    There is lots of facinating info on the web about the NY Kips. Here are 2 sources, look them up and have fun!

    History of The Kip Family In America, by Frederic E. Kip and Margarita L. Hawley, 1928. p. 83.

    Society of Descendants of Johannes de la Montagne. World Connect/Rootsweb.

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    […] this land was a “country estate” for the big wigs of New York City like The Kip Family (where Kip’s Bay comes from), and The Winthrops (as in Winthrop University Hospital on Long […]

  8. Sam Says:

    don’t forget the tidbit about this guy being a Slave Owner. He purchased human beings at Water Street Market near Wall Street.

  9. A rich merchant’s wife becomes a Revolutionary War heroine | Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] that she proved her allegiance in September 1776, when British General William Howe came ashore at Kip’s Bay to take on George Washington’s Patriot […]

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