Crack Is Still Wack

It’s been 23 years since Keith Haring painted his Crack is Wack mural on a handball court in Harlem. The crack epidemic of the 80s may be officially over, but the mural is iconic, making its point to motorists on the FDR Drive and to kids at the East 127th Street playground where it’s located.

That playground is now actually called Crack is Wack Playground. Yep, the Parks Department renamed it. Here’s more info on Haring and the Crack is Wack playground.






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One Response to “Crack Is Still Wack”

  1. petey Says:

    y’know, there was a while when haring was doing hit-and-run drawings in chalk on unused subway advertising boards, and it seemed easy enough to peel one off and take it home. but, i never did. i figured if i later tried to sell it, or even donate it, i’d be asked how i got it, and everyone would be down on me.

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