Remember when phones had to be dialed?

Seriously, you had to actually hook your finger in a little oval and circle it around at least seven times.

Maybe they still prefer dial phones in Cobble Hill, where this faded sign was spotted on a Pacific Street building that houses a beer distribution business.


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5 Responses to “Remember when phones had to be dialed?”

  1. TUWD Says:

    you could dial those rotary phones with flair or anger. and slam down the handset when done. now you risk breaking your phone (or finger) if you press too hard. less dramatic. i like that script phone btw.

  2. TUWD Says:

    script font i mean. obviously i have phones on the brain.

  3. wildnewyork Says:

    Rotary phones were also rather heavy. When you slammed the receiver down, you could hear the ringer faintly . . . it was very dramatic!

  4. sean Says:

    the only phone i have (and will ever have) is my rotary dial phone. it never needs recharging, replacing or upgrading and always works.

  5. Meseret Hailu Says:

    I like the dial type phones, with numbers and letters. But I always wondered why there was no “Q” or “Z”. Does anyone know? I see on the cell phones they have squeezed them on to 7 and 9 – and these are the only numbers with 4 letters instead of 3.

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