A couple of vintage ads on Eighth Avenue

Looming over an empty lot on 46th Street is a two-fer: an ad for a a cheap hotel (hot & cold water!) superimposed over a cigar advertisement.


Vanishing New York and Fading Ad Blog spotted this one months back, but it’s in such a wonderful bit of old New York, it deserves more exposure.

Meanwhile, a pre-war apartment building near Carnegie Hall obscured by a post-war yellow residence of some kind features the kind of cigarette ad never seen anymore. This suave man smoking Barclays looks very 1980s. 


The pleasure is back! Actually, do they even sell this brand anymore?

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2 Responses to “A couple of vintage ads on Eighth Avenue”

  1. aspicco Says:

    When that ad was painted, the yellow/black building was not built. I was a smoker in 1979, when I moved into Hell’s Kitchen (still there) and the sign was painted in 1980. I remember Barclay’s was an attempt to create a new brand and I got a few free packs from people handing out promotional boxes in the area.

  2. Faded outlines of phantom Manhattan buildings « Ephemeral New York Says:

    […] The best part is the faded ad above it, actually one ad for a cheap hotel superimposed over an older one advertising cigars. […]

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