Angels with dirty faces on Madison Street

These little cherubs have been stationed outside this tenement in Lower Manhattan for probably a century at least. They’re a very sweet sight on an otherwise rundown city block.


No wonder they’re covered in grime: the building they’re carved into is just feet away from elevated subway tracks.

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8 Responses to “Angels with dirty faces on Madison Street”

  1. Laura Simurda Says:

    What elevated subway tracks are near this building? Are they the ones going over the Manhattan Bridge?

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    Right, the Manhattan Bridge. The trains run so close to the building, I can’t imagine ever getting any sleep there.

  3. Laura Simurda Says:

    That’s what I thought. One of the few places left in Manhattan where an elevated train runs by since the third, second, sixth, and ninth ave els were demolished in the mid 20th century. Looking forward to walking the Highline for that elevated fix. I am originally a Bronx girl and miss the els!

  4. petey Says:

    i certainly missed the IRT-8 el when i was going from manhattan to fordham! that was a long walk uphill at the end of a day!

    • Laura Simurda Says:

      I remember when the 3rd avenue el still rain near Fordham U. up until the early 70’s. My cousins daughter went to Forham in the late 90’s. She took the Long Island Railroad from Queens and Metro North from Grand central. Did you walk up to the IND on the Concourse? Really long walk!

      • petey Says:

        yes, on nice days, as the IND left me on the west side of central park and i’d walk across home. otherwise i kept going on fordham road to the 4/5. longer!

  5. wildnewyork Says:

    Must have been some nice views from the el trains. But probably very dark and dirty under and around the streets that had them.

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