A glimpse into Soho’s manufacturing past

This remarkably well-preserved three-story faded ad was put up by a box company on Spring and Wooster Streets—a nice reminder that Soho was once a manufacturing neighborhood with many small factories. Note the great old phone exchange CA 6-7390.


What happened to the box factory? Probably turned into condos. A little research shows that there was a box company at 73 Wooster Street. Shut down in the mid ’90s, it was renovated into multimillion-dollar loft condos within a few years.

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6 Responses to “A glimpse into Soho’s manufacturing past”

  1. petey Says:

    love the old exchanges.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I’m with you. Coming across one while walking through the city is always a nice surprise.

  3. Sean Says:

    An advertiser around 1999 wanted to cover this over with a modern ad and the LPC turned it down.

    That always struck me as odd, since they permit other ghost signs to be painted over. Anyway, I am glad they did.

  4. wildnewyork Says:

    I’m glad they saved it too. They should save all of them!

  5. sherry Says:

    just curious does anyone still read these posts? i know that building it was my fathers…..

  6. ephemeralnewyork Says:

    I hope he made a killing when he sold it! Few neighborhoods have changed so much in the past 50 years.

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