Soda and smack on Avenue D

Suburban drug-seeking kids of the 1980s: the cops from the East Village’s Ninth Precinct never believed your stories of randomly getting mugged on Avenue D on your way back to Great Neck.

Here’s what one detective had to say to The Soho News on March 16, 1982:


Later in the article, the reporter quotes another cop calling Avenue D “the world’s largest retail drug market.” 

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2 Responses to “Soda and smack on Avenue D”

  1. petey Says:

    they stood on street corners shouting “C and D!” amazing, to think about it now.

  2. Sean Says:

    That’s true.

    I recall them shouting out brand names, “white dragon”, “white lightning”, etc, and signs on an abandoned storefront that had a drawing of a hypodermic needle and “$5” next to it, as well as crowds of buyers who would mingle until the dealer arrived, and then suddenly and mysteriously queue up so orderly and without pushing and shoving, knowing innately who came first and who arrived last.

    I still prefer those junkies and users to the current alkies, Yunnies, and frat boys who yell and scream and piss and throw up at 3:00 am, ruining the quiet of the neighborhood.

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