New York’s disappearing Hallmark stores

These stationery stores, with their telltale throwback lettering, used to be in every neighborhood all over the city. In need of school supplies, Hello Kitty paraphernalia, and last-minute birthday cards? The Hallmark store was your solution.

These days, their numbers are dwindling, and the stores aren’t looking so spiffy. I guess Duane Reade and Rite-Aid have begun displacing them.

Sam’s Hallmark, above, is in East Harlem.

Serena’s continues to hang in there on East 23rd Street.

Sunnyside still has one too.

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6 Responses to “New York’s disappearing Hallmark stores”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Is Ruth’s Hallmark still there, inside Port Authority?

  2. JP Says:

    23rd and park ave south, there are two by city hall- one on church ave and another on greenwich

  3. steve Says:

    Just a reminder that Diamond’s Hallmark has 4 stores downtown and 8 stores in midtown.

  4. PizzaBagel Says:

    Re the Hallmark store in Sunnyside: If you study the photo closely, you’ll see that the business was called Woodside House. (See the faded lettering, followed by the Hallmark logo.) As far as I know it still is, at least according to — just that the exterior sign now says just “Hallmark.”

    More history about this place: Its present location is on the north side of Greenpoint Avenue. Back when I was young, it was on the opposite side of the street. It moved in the ’70s, I believe. Also as I recall, the original location had sundry items as well, and there was a basement area with goods.

  5. Odilon Da Silva Rocha Says:

    If I am right, there was a store in Rockefeller center’s basement. I live in Brazil, and I visited such store in December 1975, and in other ocasions. Anyone can confirm, please?

  6. Luiza Says:

    Oi Odilon. Trabalhei muitos anos no Rockefeller Center e sim, tinha uma loja lá, que, se não me engano, fechou em torno de 2004 (por aí)

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