Old-school subway signage

The MTA should bring back some of these vintage posts and signs—they’re such a cool throwback to old New York. These lantern-like beacons guard the Fifth Avenue and 59th Street station:

Vintage signage on the New York Life building, on Park Avenue South—important enough to have its own subway entrance. Interborough Rapid Transit is today’s 4, 5, and 6 line.

I hope the MTA does not replace or tidy up this weathered, slightly rusted subway post, in Inwood:

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3 Responses to “Old-school subway signage”

  1. Erica Says:

    There’s a great vintage subway sign / light as you come up the elevator from the Jay Street Borough Hall stop on the F train.

  2. petey Says:

    love the lanterns

  3. Bill Georgia Says:

    last time I was in NY was Christmas 04. Took the staten island ferry twice a day as we were staying in S. I.
    There was, I swear, a poster on one boat that was from 1963 telling you what to do if an atomic bomb was on the way.
    I spoke to an authority, who said I couldnt have it.
    Could it have really been in that poster frame for that long an no one noticed?
    I still think of that.
    I shouldve just taken it.

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