Country-like Morningside Park

This circa-1900 postcard captures Morningside Park’s rugged beauty. It’s one of the city’s best-kept secrets.

That wild, gothic St. Luke’s Hospital building high on a bluff makes this look anything like New York today.

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5 Responses to “Country-like Morningside Park”

  1. Lidian Says:

    That is a wonderful, wonderful picture. I wish I could walk right into it.

  2. wildnewyork Says:

    I know! It looks so warm and green….

  3. petey Says:

    when we were all still in high school, two friends of mine, very muscular but not “tough guys”, went to an event at columbia, and then, deliberately to cheat death, walked across mornigside park at 3 am. this was in the 70s.

  4. This wasn’t the experience in 1977 | drm Says:

    […] This wasn’t the experience in 1977 via […]

  5. evi Says:

    what a stunning postcard. thank you for posting it.

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