The elephants of Lexington Avenue

Above the entrance to the W Hotel at 49th and Lexington are four elephant heads—each with a trunk that wraps around a metal flagpole.

Even though they’re grimy and their tusks could use some whitening, they make for a triumphant sight.

Here are more pachyderms in New York City.

The W Hotel went through a bunch of name changes: It used to be the Hotel Montclair, then the Hotel Belmont Plaza—Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin got their start in the Glass Hat club there—and finally the Doral Inn.

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2 Responses to “The elephants of Lexington Avenue”

  1. Dianne Says:

    I worked at this hotel 1969-71 and walked through the main doorway every day … but I never knew there were elephants guarding the entrance. I should have looked up more often.

  2. jstars Says:

    My previous comments should have stated that the elephant heads originally held awning supports — subsequent alterations reduced the elephants to flagpole support devices.

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